Updated: April 2018
Ericsson CPU-60D/32/C6 Ericsson CPU-60D/32/L6 Force SYS68K/CPU-1D Force SPARC/CPU-1E/4 [P/N 510134] Force SPARC/CPU-1E/16 [P/N 510135] (Force SYS68K/CPU-2A) Force SPARC/CPU-2CE [P/N 510305] Force SPARC/CPU-2CE [P/N 510306] Force SPARC/CPU-2CE [P/N 510329] Force SPARC/CPU-2CE [P/N 510479] Force SPARC/CPU-2CE [P/N 510480] Force SPARC/CPU-2CE [P/N 510481] Force SYS68K/CPU-2VB Force SPARC/CPU-3CE/16 Force SPARC/CPU-3CE/32 Force SYS68K/CPU-4VB Force SPARC/CPU-5CE/16 Force SPARC/CPU-5CE/32 Force SPARC/CPU-5TE/64 Force SPARC/CPU-5TE/128 Force SPARC/CPU-5V/64 Force SPARC/CPU-5V/128 Force SPARC/CPU-5VT/64 Force SPARC/CPU-5VT/128 Force SYS68K/CPU-6A Force SPARC/CPU-7V Force SPARC/CPU-8VT/64 Force SPARC/CPU-8VT/128 Force SPARC/CPU-20V [all P/N's] Force SPARC/CPU-20VT [all P/N's] Force SPARC/CPU-20VTE [P/N 103132] Force SPARC/CPU-20VTE [P/N 103133] Force SPARC/CPU-20VTE [P/N 103162] Force SPARC/CPU-20VTE [P/N 103163] Force SPARC/CPU-20VTE [all P/N's] Force SPARC/CPU-24VT [P/N 102690] Force SYS68K/CPU-29XS [P/N 101150] (Force SYS68K/CPU-30BE) Force SYS68K/CPU-30ZBE R3 [P/N 220031] (Force SYS68K/CPU-31XB) [P/N 101314] Force SYS68K/CPU-33X [P/N 101341] Force SYS68K/CPU-37ZB [P/N 101425] Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/4-00 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/4-01 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/16-00 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/16-01 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/16-02 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/16-03 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/16-10 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/16-11 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/16-19 Force SYS68K/CPU-40B/32 Force SYS68K/CPU-40x (Force SPARC/CPU-50G) Force SPARC/CPU-50T [P/N 108642] Force SPARC/CPU-54T [P/N 110543] (Force SYS68K/CPU-60D) Force SYS68K/CPU-64D [P/N 220119] Force SYS80K/CPU-386A Force PPC/IBC-603 Force PPC/PowerCore 6603e Force SYS68K/ASCU-2 Force SYS68K/DRAM-8C Force SYS68K/IBC-20 Force SYS68K/IPIO-1 Force SYS68K/ISCSI-1 Force SYS68K/ISIO-1 Force SYS68K/ISIO-2 Force SYS68K/ISIO-2A Force SYS68K/RR-1 Force SYS68K/RR-2 Force SYS68K/RR-3 (Force SYS68K/SASI-1) (Force SYS68K/SRAM-5) Force SYS68K/SRAM-22 Force SPARC/SRX-2/64 Force SYS68K/WFC-1 Force 4E60-SRX/16 Hewlett Packard 743i (A2236-66001 - 9000/743) Interphase V/MIX 3210 Interphase V/EDSI 4201 Matrix MS-CPU02C [3U/6U] Matrix MS-CPU110 [3U] Matrix MS-CPU220 [3U] Matrix MS-CPU221-N [3U] (Matrix MD-CPU330) (Motorola MVME 135-1) Motorola MVME712/M Motorola MVME712A/AM Motorola MVME1603 Motorola MVME1603-011 Motorola MVME1603-073 Motorola MVME3100 Parallax ViperVME [RGBS video] (Pentland MPV965B) Red Rock Tech J15024 Dual PCMCIA SBS IP-Dual PI/T IP-Digital 48 SBS IP-Octal Serial SBS VME-6201 Silicon Graphics VIP12-I [030-5024-003] Sun Microsystems Federal Sun SPARC/CPU-1E/4 [refurb] Sun 501-8020 Sun 501-8027 Sun 501-8028 Sun 501-8029 Sun 501-8035 Sun 501-8036 Sun 501-8044 Sun 501-8060 Sun 501-8062 Sun 501-8070 Themis Sparc 8/64 Vigra MMI-100 [VM100] Vigra MMI-4211 VME Microsystems VMIC VMIVME 7451 VMIC VMIVME 7452 Xircom ISDN Controller Xycom XVME-600 [3U] Xycom XVME-655 Xycom XVME-656 Xycom XVME-674 Xycom XVME-675 (Xycom XVME-684) Xycom XVME-978 All 6U VME [unless otherwise noted]. Some boards have options or accessories available. See also: The Fine Print